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Jerry J California Flight Project: Press

We have the honor to announce Boogsey Jazz Music owner Ms. Kaylene Peoples and Black Diamond Records I H P Media Focus . This newly form music woven partnership in the Jazz markets of selling and distributing the Boogsey Jazz Music world wide. Mr. Jerri J. Bobelli, CEO and founder of Black Diamond Records / I H P Media Focus Groups/California Flight Project. Love the thought to have a truly talented gifted and seasonal performing artist in her own right on board with the B D R / I H P Media Focus Groups Division.

Ms.Kaylene Peoples, adds to the list of a new exciting experience
artiste a new an upcoming,outstanding jazz music arranger,producer,
singer-songwriter,musician,performer with outstanding experiences in all area's of the jazz field of music. A very super talented undiscovered artist from the Los Angeles California area.

A College graduate from the prestigious U C L A, in the Music/Communication Business Administration departments with a PHD and Master degree underneath her rigorous studies.
Many tag her as the "new" jazz vocalist "as the next Ms.Carmen McRae", others said "that she is ahead of her times."

Now that B D R - I H P Media Focus groups recognize that she is ready to shine ,an that will have a legitimate Jazz Label Division on board to oversee all the jazz music departments needs with regards to development of new artist music review.

We welcome, Ms.Kaylene Peoples and her, Boogsey Jazz Music Label to the stage .

We all have high expectation for the success of Boogsey Jazz Music and the people are listening!
- Boogsey Jazz Music (Mar 20, 2012)
It's now official fly California Flight , use United Airlines.
They will take you for a ride, on a California Flight.

California Flight Project, is using California Flight United Arilines as they fly across the state around the nation and internationally it is they're official carrier airlines for fame funk band.
California Flight / United Arilines.
Fasten your seat belts will take you for a ride ! United Airlines!!
I HEART RADIO 800 radio stations and counting place California Flight Project featuring Jerry J, in the I HEART RADIO ALL OF FAME for first timers. As the new beats goes on my Heart Radio.

Jerry J & California Flight Project
NUMBER # 3 song; OAKLAND GIRLS "change my world".
NUMBER # 4 song; CUTEST SMILE RE-MIX featuring D J NARD X.

Release June 28 2011 , These songs have made HISTORY with the I HEART RADIO STATIONS Format. Over 800 stations have at least played them once to 4 times a day for well over 40 weeks . The I HEART RADIO PLAY formats, Hip Hop & R&B; , POP, COUNTRY, MIX VARIETY, HIT, ADULT,LATIN, ROCK, ALTERNATIVE, all these format have help propelled the sounds of Jerry J & California Flight Project, genre of
J Pop Soul into a national banner sounds of longevity.

We applaud all the PD/MD/ASST PD/MD . California Flight, is the one band of our hearts is on I HEART RADIO stations . A CLASSIC SOUND of tomorrow today.
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