They flat out ROCK the nights June 29 to July 1 2007 California Flight & Jerry J, is going to be BACK they Rock they are for real we enjoyed them very much.” - Famous John

— Las Vegas Famous Johns Bar & grill

California Flight brings a wonderful sound back to the bay good honest Jazz R&B urban blend music. They will win hearts of true Jazz and R&B listeners.A Great sound” - Entertainment Music Editor

— ANG Oakland Tribune

They won their category hands down. Their music just stood out. California Flight, The winners of the 2006 Stammies Urban Jazz & R&B category for The Best "NEW Music" Urban Jazz & R&B Band, {they called their genre "JPOPSOUL". It works. @ The 2006 Stammies Award in Central Valley. The Best is yet to come for California Flight.” - DIRECTOR KELLY

— "STAMMIE AWARDS" Stockton Ca.

I Love the sound than I even love it more now. The first time we've seen jerry j and California Flight, they were very young but we knew they have a ticket for success. Good job jerry j, I was impress then and more so now.” - owner of Honey Records/Fantasy Records 1981

— If Harvey Fuqua would say?

I could not believe it at first But they really are that good, California Flight is getting alot of calls around the world BIG time their NEXT!” - Prentiss Woods

KECG 88.1 FM Jazz beat Radio More Public Radio

Wow, I didn,t know you were a singer I knew he was a record promoter and mover and shaker but they have great sound WOW. Now currently got California Flight in rotation” - JJ Music & program director


Jerry J you got that thing Funky man, likes you really do Jerry J. California Flight is headed in the right direction. I played California Flight, man the phones lit UP big time. they were calling and saying who and where are those cat's from. You're making the Funky man Job popular keep it real Jerry J I want a ticket to the Grammies too,lolYou got a radio interview coming Jerry J” - Funky man

FUNKY Man on KPFA 94.1 FM

Hay I seen it and heard it with my own eyes. California Flight Jerry J' he was the BOMB that cat can sing but the music is lite years ahead they bringing back the crowds of the Old and young folks. I enjoyed them hear @ KWINN in rotation” - Pork Chops KWIN

California Flight will be one of THE VERY Best to date

I met Jerry J in The early 80's. He was instantly impressive to me as both man and business minded. He let me hear his collection of California Flight music , I for my part instantly became a HUGE FAN of  The California Flight Project and have been ever sense. Fly on CALIFORNIA FLIGHT PROJECT you have the greatest pilot ever in Jerij Bobelli Johnson . By Ralph Earnest Tablebery CEO/Founder of LLc Preservation  Preserves. Nothing but success from the best ever in the business of music JW...” - Ralph Tableberry CEO

Table Berry Wines Perserves

We listen to them "California Flight". Entirely they got that  "it" sound. We think this sound is the music that the music industry can market anytime. That's what we do PR-Brand-Market-Promote-Sale.....” - Toni G/Pricsilla Chapman Founder/CEO

Pretty Special/California Flight

They came and left us all in AWE, we want them to come back SOON!!!!” - JB

BB Kings Hollywood Ca