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Jerry J California Flight Project ®: News

News "ALERT" California Flight "CUTEST SMILE" Winner of the month of April, & SUMMER IS HERE in May,OAKLAND GIRL for June 2016 The Akademia Music Awards 2016. - July 1, 2016


The Akademia Music Awards 2016 for the month of April best Funk/Fusion song"


As the winner for 2016 Funk/Fusion for the Month of April. 2106



"The Akademia Music Awards 2016 for the month of June have been selected the Best R&B/Soul, song for the month of June 2016:

OAKLAND GIRL'S,CHANGE MY WORLD" Oakland Girl ,music produced by Jim JG Gardiner.

Written by, Jerri J Johnson for California Flight Project Music  2010. Jawiz Music ASCAP/Just Write Music BMI/ 2010 (C)

As the winner for 2016 R&B/SOUL song of the month of JUNE . 2016.

Congrats: Jim & Jerry



A milestone accomplishment for all their music written & arranged by their legendary singer-songwriters.

Jerri J & Jim JG.

"The New Funk Hook Masters" California Flight Project.

Jerri J Johnson aka Bobelli

For Just Write California Flight Music B M I 2016

News "ALERT" California Flight "CUTEST SMILE" Winner of the month of March 2016 The Akademia Music Awards 2016. - March 16, 2016

Dear California Flight, 


We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop / R&B Song for ‘Cutest Smile’ in the March 2016 Akademia Music Awards! The results are now available and public at:  This page includes the general announcement and some artist features.  This page lists all of the March 2016 winners in your review group.  This page is your permanent award certificate page.

Be sure to share your achievement with family, friends and fans. You've worked hard and you deserve it. Your award certificate page will remain active for years to come and may be shared easily via email, Facebook, Twitter and other sites by copying and pasting the URL page link.


Winning an Akademia Award is a rare career distinction. It also means you are now inside the gates of an organization that can significantly advance your career as an artist. We will be in touch with you shortly regarding the next campaign steps. In the meantime, please be sure to like and follow us at the following portals, as we’ll also be promoting award winners through these portals in the coming weeks.


The Akademia Music Awards of November 2015 Pop/Soul Nominated winner best song CALIFORNIA FLIGHT "Sex Control out of control" ~!!~ - November 15, 2015

We wanted to take this opportunity to formally congratulate you on winning The Akademia Music Award for Best Pop / Soul Song for ‘Sex Control’ in the November 2015 Akademia Music Awards! The results are now available and public at:  This page includes the general announcement and some artist features.  This page lists all of the November 2015 winners. This page is your permanent award certificate page.

Be sure to share your achievement with family, friends and fans. You've worked hard and you deserve it. Your award certificate page will remain active for years to come and may be shared easily via email, Facebook, Twitter and other sites by copying and pasting the URL page link.


Winning an Akademia Award is a rare career distinction. It also means you are now inside the gates of an organization that can significantly advance your career as an artist. We will be in touch with you shortly regarding the next campaign steps. In the meantime, please be sure to like and follow us at the following portals, as we’ll also be promoting award winners through these portals in the coming weeks.

A A S Foundation for the Arts Autism Artistic Sholarship Drive World Wilde - September 11, 2014


Art & Autism Artistic Scholarship Tour Drive Foundation! 
( A A S F )
or (A A S F) World Wide.
The Theme of The Scholarship Drive " Show The Grade Get Paid."  ( A A S F) Scholarship Tour Drive World Wide
A A S F Academy
"It's our goal , it's our life mission , Autistic Artistic  is not a religion it's a life and of the art's ...."

The  Arts Autism Artistic Scholarship Drive Foundation: Founded by:  Mr.  Jerry J Lester Johnson Philanthropist in the  Year 2014  The Month September Date The 11th. California residence , The city of Berkeley Ca.
Acronyms "A A S F ".......

Universal Music Groups (UMG) Famous Music Groups Digital & (PD) Pressing Distribution Making Music with Black Diamond Records I H P Media Groups sign an agreement to distribute the catolog of Black Diamond Records I H P Media Groups artiste's: - July 19, 2014

July 15th 2014 agreement made. July 14th 2015, our First E. P. release entitled : Project 5 California Flight gt Jerry J,on Black Diamond Records-I H P Media Groups with Famous Music Groups Corporation,subsidiary with Universal Music Groups distributions . A major connect with a major distributor . Which includes, PD press , promotions &,and a host of great social media items to go globally. Fontana Famous Music Groups Corp ,through the distribution direction and channels of Universal Music Groups (UMG). Black Diamond Records-I H P Media Groups . Now have a home for their accomplish music productions & releases for the Grammy singer & songwriters in which includes owner and CEO Jerry "J" Johnson. (A.K.A) Bobelli". Added to the team of producers and production with Vice Principle contributor of new music division, director & music producer: Mr. James "J.G" Gardiner, of Touch Tone Productions & Pajama Recording studios along with Live Oak Recording studios . This agreement starts upon completion of all items said forth . We Welcome to the stage Jeffery Collins of Fontana-Famous Music Groups & Black Diamond Records I H P Media Groups through Universal Music Groups Distribution. Let's get our  play on... First release one year today July 14th 2015 PROJECT 4 E P California Flight ft.Jerry J , Black Diamond Famous Music online world wide. Distribute by Famous Music Universal Music Groups Distribution Promotions chains stores world wide. ITunes,Amazon,Emusic,Best Buy,Spotify, et........

O V A C " One Voice for Autism Cares Foundation for Autism - July 14, 2014

Founded by Jerry Johnson aka Jerrij

Date Nov 14 12014

For Autism drive for funds for Autistic Artistic Artist an Students

O V A C one voice for autism cares.

Berkeley California

Our " New " clothing line called: I LIKE THAT (tm).. The Owner Mr. Jerry J . Johnson a.k.a. Bobelli (c) 2011.. - May 27, 2013

You will love our stores as these new exciting women wear continue to grow and our teen brands continue to come in. And our " That is Hot", items that will be on display as well.

Coming to a mall nearest you!

With our monthly sales or the "I LIKE THAT" monthly discount ... Come on in.. Look around you will be amazed.. at what you will find at " I Like That".
At Our women boutique stores...

55th Grammy Nomination the Song" Oakland Girls and Summer its Here". A great honor - February 9, 2013

Hello fans fam and folks we were nominated but not a nominee in the R&B; category for the 55th 2012-013 Grammy. It not what we do its how we done it : Jehovah God. Period...

We were told that they love what what we do base on the songs and the timing of us returning back the time so to speak as a BAND> yes ! A band on a mission of Jazz Pop soul and our trade signature make FUNK: And Now let us come to you with our First ever tour" We Rock DA Funk Tour " featuring us : Jerry J & California Flight Project.
Along with Grammy D J Nard X who also along with me have contribute with his mix's on some of our new release' of California Flight Project 5 " Just a Reminder:

Now we and a legendary BE Bop Sax funk be bop at-vanguard extraordinaire jazz sax player: Mr.Terrance Tony of legendary Master Jazz Band director: The Art Blakey Jazz Messengers: We add him into our live shows and production unique sounds of

J Pop Soul. Jazz funk smooth soul r&b; blended in with hip hop pop sounds in this generation. We thank you and love you all for your constant support and email we thank the Music Academy, I Heart Radio all the Dj's world wide radio joc's world wide with all these features we would not have been possible , Blogs , Social Media or main Promotional Captains (TT) aka Tonya Randolph, John Dewhurest
{ J D} for his & her unchanging constant persistent and loyalty to the TEAMWORK
C F P , he & she is the d t w { doing the work} . Were coming our Grammy sounds to a city nearest you. Be There !!

Art Blakey Jazz Messenger member is now a Member of California Flight Project : Sax Great Terrance Tony - June 15, 2012

Word can not describe him , listening to him is a define moment of class..

Mt Terrance Tony, the legendary sax great who toured with the world renowned Jazz Band Jazz Master & Drummer Mr. Art Blakey Jazz Messengers. Terrance Tony .. Is now a performing member of The Grammy sounds of
Jerry J & California Flight Project.

CUTEST SMILE 8 weeks and counting Number #1 Top 10 Unsigned on I Heart Radio Hip Hop & R n B 2012 - April 24, 2012

I Heart Radio Top 10 Unsigned Hip Hop R&B;
Cutest Smile # 1 (over 36 weeks and counting all together).
Summer is here #7
Oakland Girls #8
Cutest Smile MP3 Remix #9

They have now stamp their music sound into the music industry profoundly and they only just begun . With their recent SUCCESSFUL singles releases and soon their LP release.
They are headed to a music standing only a few ever achieve in a period of time.

Universal Music Italy is a Giant, Pacific Coast Jazz is a Giant, but with there act
California Flight Project, headed by their singer-songwriter , Jerry J Johnson along with his production team mates jazz blues great: Carl Locket, master jazz DJ mixer: D J Nard X, its back to the Grammy for them in a profound way.
They thank GOD Almighty for his outstanding guidance and direction!!

California Flight Project nominee for the 5th annual Oakland Indie Awards - April 24, 2012

Jerry J Johnson aka Jerry J the famous soul funk jazz singer-songwriter , Jazz guitarist Carl Locket, Master Jazz D J Nard X . Of Pacific Coast Jazz/ Universal Music Italy Strategic Publishing department.
All the Oakland Indie Awards Committee members stated they're the very best in the bay area and in Oakland Ca.

They have been acknowledge as one of the music industry favorite new sounds of Jazz Funk Pop Soul Blues sounds.
An now for the Oakland Indie Awards, we applaud them and congratulate them for their outstanding work in 2011 and 2012 an beyond!

The 2011-2012 Grammy Nomination for the R&B; song " Cutest Smile", you got the cutest smile". - November 7, 2011

Enter into the 2011-2012 Grammy Awards at number #55 and number #30. For their song "CUTEST SMILE, you got the cutest smile" currently on I Heart Radio stations nation wide.
The Song is Written by Jerry J Johnson and Produced by Jerry J Johnson of California Flight Project.
It is their 3rd time that Jerry J, have receive such acknowledgement for his music compositions for the Grammys to have nominated him as a proliflic songwriter and singer. Its a great honor for Jerry J & California Flight Project.
To have receive this recognition in the music academy Grammy selection in the New configuration for the R&B; Best Song and Best Vocal Categories.

"YOU NEED MY SERVICES " for Pedicures Products, Manicure Product Stores coming soon to a city nearest you. - February 24, 2011

Jerry J Johnson, the Grammy singer-songwriter-music producer for California Flight and his business associates. Ms. Carla Watson,Ms. De De Barber all have join in franchising their new business..

The all new:


This new business service provider will be a growing success for business service provision.

"YOU NEED MY SERVICES"! We all need something.. Whether it being food items, clothing items , hygiene items, whatever we all need a service provider for something to go through life .
Rich or poor we all need some forum of service provision.

Mr. Jerry J Johnson ,said that his great uncle Chester once said to him
(" Boy everybody needs something to help them to get from point A to Z.
The future will be a big service for helpers")

Well, that's all Jerry J Johnson , needed to hear from his uncle Chester. And his uncle is right on the money $$$$$$$$$$$$$. A good business company that can deliver on time.

Now the product for services company entitled:


Like for hair products, hair salon's, hygiene for better health products , ET,clothing & telephone music store , A escort security services.

YOU NEED MY SERVICES coming soon to a city nearest you!

Jerry J & California Flight Project got a GRAMMY NOMINATION in the Best R&B; song , & the Best R&B; male vocals in the category of duo or group. The song is: CALIFORNIA FLIGHT . Enter @ number #15 of #77 for the 53rd GRAMMY AWARD 2010. - October 18, 2010

We seen, heard and we all come to know of him. Jerry J Johnson is the real original pilot of California Flight Project.
Jerry J got a wonderful surprise as a prolific songwriter in the R&B;/Funk music Jazz, Pop, Soul,field of music. He got another nod for a Grammy. For 2010-11

Many D J's around the world has stamp this guys (Jerry J,)early as one,if not the one of the very best songwriter far above his time similar to a songwriter-singer Mr. Leon Ware. Cool smooth but distinctly different than others with his hooks and stories of catchy melodies Jerry J shows off in his music . He has that new & ole r&b; style of funk & smooth groove mastered down to the T!

With the 53rd Grammy Awards show coming up for 2010-11. Jerry J, have place his music mark in the entry category as one of the very Best R&B; singer-songwriters for that elusive award for every year and now again for The 53rd Grammy awards in 2010-11.

The RIAA committee heard that he has a huge label on him as a true hit song-maker,that being him, Mr.{Jerry J Johnson} as "a gifted raw singer-songwriter-music producer"}. Without a huge USA fan-base but a HUGE Europe fan-base and without a major record label support but he got a HUGE DJ record pool support system, he defines all expectation of grass roots promotions,its his raw skills and great gifted timing direct by his faith .

Now with Universal Music Groups Italy,it has all come together.

He is not like most songwriters get a one hit wonder and like the movie gone with the wind, no! He is a truly very talented unique singer-songwriter that have a great melodic funky smooth fun feels!

That single song:
California Flight. (It tell a strong story!) It's a classic song!

Universal Music Italy, new compilation and the new P P U Vinyl distributors,have put a HUGE bonus major stamp of recognition on the man, the classic music genius work of Jerry J.Johnson. Harvey Fuqua stated "when he ever get's ready to sing and write songs again watch out for him ". He does have that {It gift}, possibly as one of our greatest r&b;, songwriters-singers of our times." Stated by Harvey Fuqua". He has now arrived right on time:

Jerry J & California Flight Project.
Congratulatory! for the entry level at number #15 for one of the Best R&B; songs of year 2010-11 and for the entry level as one of the Best R&B; male singers in the duo or group category, for the 53rd Grammy Awards:

Singer-songwriter: Jerry J.Johnson.
He have arrived!#
RRRnB - read free pdf

Jerry J & California Flight Project J. Aurthor & Loone Don. 014. SKIES WIDE OPEN 015. I'M SATISFIED. Brian Culbertson & Avant Dejamion & Shadiya ...

JJ's House of Jazz Restaurant Live event center opening in Berkeley Ca. - October 11, 2010

Yes , Jerry J. Johnson the singer-songwriter of the
Grammy sounds of California Flight.

Have now embark on franchising his dream of owning his own live venue.
Coin by Realtor Mr. Kevin Gordon.

Jerry J and Kevin both met in Berkeley Ca, they had a walk through now the rest is history.
But? Now it's just the crossing of the tee's and dotting of the eyes.

Jerry J Johnson, is making steps in the right direction of having his own venues to feed and entertain his clientele and the world over.
By owning his own restaurants and franchising it right in his own back yard.

The "new: franchise venues will be called: JJs House of Jazz & Soul.
They will stretch out the franchise carefully and selectively nationwide then world wide.

The restaurant venue is a dream come true for Jerry J, his family and some very close friends. They all understand and see what Jerry J been saying all along.

"To do business you have to dream than pray now you must work in harmony with your prayers in order for it to work and have a measure of success than leave the rest to God.
Create the jobs and enjoy the journey".

California Flight Project , pilot is doing just that one step at a time.

The Berkeley native venue is truly a blessing and a gift why? Its Home!
And like saying in the movie of the OZ "its no place like home".

Will keep you posted, thanks to Gordon realty Kevin Gordon, and the Meridian prior owners you could not pick a better person. Bay Area is about to become a entertainment mecca. It all takes time.

The First Annual Concert for Cause Charity event In Agoura Hils was a HUGE success with special guest : Jerry J California Flight, 10/03/2010 - October 5, 2010

It was a J LENO type car & bike show classic event.
Steve Hennesberry, Tom Land and all their staff. Many car enthusiast came and displayed their beautiful cars , bikes, tear drops rv's, one of the finest charity events this year . That brought out many DAD's and their families to support the event from all over the Los Angeles county. Many classic auto's owners came to showcase some of their classic vintage cars.

It was a star studded family charity event with which the charity went to the funding of local schools such as the St Jude and others from the LA County .

K A D Y TV did the live streaming and broadcast.

Special guest: Recording Artist Grammy,songwriter-singer-producer:
Mr. Jerry J California Flight.

And other outstanding bands from across the state.

It was a huge success.

Jerry J Bobelli California Flight sign 5 years with UNIVERSAL MUSIC GROUP ITALY - May 3, 2010

A mechanical publishing Compilation deal have agreed upon manage by
Stefano Vaccarino, Universal Music Group Strategic Publishing Rep and Mehela Soriti
For the success with compilations projects in Italy and around the world.

Universal Music group Italy. They love California Flight PROJECT music "HIT" single California Flight.
Both parties have work out a favorable deal for songwriter and singer Jerry J. Jerry J & California Flight Project,are now among some of the greatest song-writers of our time to date.

Universal Music Group feel that California Flight Project currently have made a major impact on so many Soul Pop music lovers in Italy and around the world.

Jerry J & California Flight Project will play a major part with their brand of Soul Pop, Funk , Jazz the world over with their brand "J POP SOUL".

Congradulation to both parties. Thanks to Universal Music Groups Italy who have found that one sleeping giant before the rest of the world soul/pop music lovers catches up. OUTSTANDING!


Press Alert: Rogue Talent Group oversees California Flight Project future music tours - January 20, 2010

Just in. California Flight bounce out of one contract to another.
Star Maker Productions no-longer the sole entity for Califoria Flight Project music. Tours. President and CEO Roger Paul formerly of Headline Entertainment.
have sign Jerry J Johnson to a more luractive tour deal exclusively for 7 years.
California Flight Project will be handle by Rogue Talent Group staff Sarah Mae of Rogue Talent Group take the Stage staff.

Jerry J. Johnson California Flight had major help from his attorney Mr.Brett Smith esq, .

That'll work for everyone.
They'll will do some tours of casion's USA, but very selectively and in Jerry J's discretion.

"It's a win,win situation for all" states. Roger Paul, President of Rogue Talent Groups International NYC/CALI.

California Flight is that rare sound of old meets the new.And one of the music industry hottest sound to day {JPOPSOUL}.

Approximately 45 minute performance nights . We could not pass up on them their very good. States: Mr. Roger Paul from Rogue Talent Groups. Their the "First" band we've sign as regards to Smooth Jazz,Hip-Hop Funk, Neo-R&B;, Rock-Blues, bands. They have a very solid marketable commerical Live music show. Very entertaining.

Press Alert: The University of JPOPSOUL "The School of Certification" - October 11, 2009

The first of it's kind
A Jazz Pop Soul school for certification for students still in high school or college.
The University of J POP SOUL is define as " Jobs Planning Offering People -2- Skill Students Opportunity to Use in Life -4- profit". Into the world
Business planning,General contracting planning,Construction business training,Commercial licenses,
Radio, Recording, Restaurant Business, Hotel,
General Cleaning Business licenses ET. Yes, having the skills is one thing,but using them is the other". The classes for University J POP SOUL, students will develop their business knowledge in our training vocational programs. Upon completion students will receive a certified license for completing the training programs from " The University of J POP SOUL".
Helping students to prosper in life .
The year of the institution 10/11/2009.

The Gumbo Mix of Jazz Soul Comedy Tour in Africa with California Flight Music and Kennis Music Groups Soul 2 Soul Entertainment ONE show in AFRICA. - September 11, 2009

Kennis Music Groups founded by Kennis Ogunde Dj KeKe.Who have brought
together a MIX tape deal and concert for ONE show in Lagos and Nigeria AFRICA Oct 1st 2009.
It is the FIRST time ever for Jerry J California Flight arranging this historical performance to perform in heritage country State Nigeria Africa and Lagos. They have been in constant talks about it for sometime.Now Kennis Music Groups were very persistent for California Flight to come to AFRICA and be their HEADLINER for the dates schedule OCTOBER 1st 2009.
The main purpose for Kennis Music Groups with some recent success is to have an AMERICAN act that is currently getting great response online with CALIFORNIA FLIGHT MUSIC.
Now it is a FLIGHT to realms unknown. We applaud both entities for their effort's .Bringing TWO country's miles apart together with one goal in mind The California Flight sounds of J POP SOUL to AFRICA. Thanks also to Soul 2 Soul Entertainment of the UK who truly made it their mission to HELP coordinated the event successfully with their money's in associate with Kennis Music Group of Nigeria Africa.

The California Flight "New" Summer 1 Festivals. - May 13, 2009

It's the first for California Flight Project & Diamond Xpression Entertainment. Has together launched "The California Flight Diamond Xpression "HOT FUN IN THE SUN.
With Live Jazz, Soul, & Comedy.
"Jazz By The Sea" & Jazz By The Bay " along with
"The No-sock Hip Hop Rock Pop Dance Showcase " Summer 1 Music Festival Tours.

GRAMMY NOMINATON Entry Number #24 Best New R&B; Albums of 09. - January 8, 2009

It's honor and a priviliage to have announce that Jerry J & California Flight Project IV HOPE R&B; LP. Have enter among the elitist of R&B; LP's going into 2009.

The Recording Industry Arts Assocation (RIAA) have recognize that the music of Jerry J California Flight Project IV HOPE, on Pacific Coast Jazz have got that $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ sound.....

They have been acknowledge and invited for their NEW LP Release PROJECT IV HOPE as one of the Few urban BEST NEW R&B; Albums to date going into 2009.

We applaud all Radio Personalities and Music Industry representatives for this great recognition as entry number #24 of Class 09 R&B; artist in The Best R&B; Album category Field .

The New R&B; "era" (JPOPSOUL) Jerry J & California Flight, have arrived right on time!!

From the Stammies to the Grammies.
California Flight Project IV HOPE.
A great honor to be guide by his God Jehovah and his son Christ Jesus ....

We'll get there!
God willing, by doing the work !!

[PDF] General Field
957k - Adobe PDF - View as html
WHEN I LOOK IN YOUR EYES. 362. Jennifer Lopez. BRAVE. 363. Los Lonely Boys. FORGIVEN. 364. ... Jerry J & California Flight. PROJECT IV HOPE. 024. Joe. JOE THOMAS, NEW ...

California Flight & Nitro Media Central DVD/CD Movie Music Release's. - November 12, 2008

Nitro Media Central of Central California and Jerry J and California Flight
will be doing muisc video & movie's partnership with Nitro Media Central. (NMC) & California Flight first of many music "LIVE" performances to DVD/CD/MVD movie produce production's. The Music Video will be produce by Nito Media Central propductions(NMC) .This will be a Nationwide release on Nitro Media Central ( NMC) TV. Producer's are
Bernard and Kathy Anderson the founder's and Producers of (NMC TV) along with Jerry J Johnson of California Flight.Now have Join in with Nitro Media Central Movie making Productions and entertainment for music release with NMC TV. Music Video Production is underway now by Nitro Media Central Group's for Jerry J California Flight new single DVDs.
Stay Tune this is HOT a world wide DVD release!!

IHP Media groups & Pretty Peach Management Joins Forces - August 8, 2008

Welcome Pretty Peach Management Staff out of Atlanta Georgia.
earldyrone and all of their
Regional staff rep's. Will over see the expand South and South East regions for IHP MEDIA . Booking,Tours, Radio, New Development for IHP Media Groups, We welcome. Deal officially ink 8/08/08. We welcome one of ATL best booking,touring talent media groups with IHP MEDIA LLc.
Earl, ZEEK Staff members of Pretty Peach Management.

California Flight have ARRIVED. 5/25/08 - June 20, 2008

We witness A GREAT GREAT CD Release Performance.
The Pacific Coast Jazz CD Release party for California Flight and the band first Take off @ Silk Road Lounge Sunday night they were SLAMIN.
Jerry J, & band members of California Flight Were HOT!!! They won our VOTE !
The Food at best was good !

it was my first time @ Silk Road Lounge. A "LIVE" music review with California Flight I was impress thoroughly.

I was very impress with everything club lighting people eating talking it was one of first BUT Best new R&B; CD Release show I ever been apart of.I'm a white guy music critic trying to fit in and they made it easy for me & others ok, lol.They're awesome!

Hay, California Flight ripped the house up. It was a very good clean show night @ Best an outstanding professional debute for them (California Flight ) that was well received for them by all. What I did noticed and I witness a timeless sound " an ole G" we all said a "GREAT NEW " soul singer and a class act in R&B;, Jazz, Neo Soul Pop Hip Hop & Funk with California Flight.They're (TM)!
Be READY and watchout bay area they're for real. With Jerry J, voice an Ole school Nu School style "kat" who has a tremondously upside beautiful tone with very commerically viable voice its his tone we all said he sound like this like that we were astounded like a dinosouras that was never found type thing not to say he out of touch this kat Jerry J , can sing music has no age has a great timeless voice PERIOD ! With a great voice "well that's what I get for being a "white guy" and not so up on every black urban culture change in the new sounds. But he (Jerry J) caught us all by suprise he's good.. He is a electrifying , catchy funk sound with smoothness. A geniune sound like a Nate King cole that meet's up with a Barry White kinda guy and we all love those sounding classic era's that's what music should sound like now well Jerry J, did it for us we were amazed.

It was a fun night a time of live music and live entertainment. And yes it was A LIVE Sunday night performance with a great new debut sound with California Flight that set it on fire.
California Flight from the show start to finish it was outstanding.

All my collegues those who were whispering saying things like: HE (Jerry J, the lead singer of California Flight) is good looking guy he can really sing (thats points) he is cool and kinds of funny (more points) on stage. With a funky singing side as we all concured he is one of the very BEST Male Jazz Funk Soul singers we've have heard todate coming out of the bay area and with a rich history of great soul male singers and funk performers like Sly Stone , Larry Graham , Rufus, Lenny William and we have so many great singers of yesterday and today he Jerry J is in a class all by hisself as one of those great male singers who are Timeless . It is his sounds that are fuse with a Al Jarrreau roll up in funk lace of Frankie Beverly . That man Jerry J can sang ya'll ( now thats black) he's a real seasonal pro.

We just set there and watch and were quite.We just enjoyed the show. There are some singers who can captivate you instantly well he Jerry J can do just that he takes control.We said he is that ONE that we call a great soul singer stageman the way a Frank Sinastra tell story then take you there .

It was the moment, the man, the new thrill is on .
He is THE music industry best kept secret and from the bay area that in itself say's allot .

Our team of music critics from local music journal staff DEPARTMENTS from AMG, Countra Costa Times, East Bay Express, local colleges and a few other radio personalities that were their:

KPOO, KECG, KBLX, KPFA. We all witness a return of a man who held true to his craft of classic Ole school soul funk with a new school style of jazz that grooves you with his brand smooth new sound.

We loved it the band was well dressed and very nice on stage. We look at everything.What they're wearing , how they sound, how they interacted with each other , how many error's or flaws they showed or had.They a few mis key but not noticiable to others and a overall a G performance. An that critique of the act from top to bottom . We all did confirm that Jerry J & California Flight act are one we know now !
The grade we gave them and it's scary to say were music critics with the best intentions for the act.We hear allot and see allot of musicians and on most occasions for the acts we review with all do seriousness . California Flight hay they got a passing grade with a big G for Greatness on the Rise ! Jerry J, the pilot no doubt and all the other accommpanied players are great musicans. But he is a very soulful polish great singer. And we been missing that sound for quite sometime he got that "it style" with a big G.

The women will adore him .

A very creative artistic band but his voice stood out like "ala" Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Frankie Beverley, a smooth sound of a Luther Vandross an very close comparsion. A skilled talented stylist R&B; Jazz, Soul,Pop Funk band, we applaud them all of California Flight. They will be on promotional tour around the nation, than the world to build their new fan base. A really great R&B; Soul Jazz Funk FIRST class act. . California Flight Project 4 "Hope LP, songs we've heard at best solidly produced . But the one song that we thought that ROCK the night was: "HOPE" ! Than the neo smooth soul song "Your My Guest in my House" nicely done. "Throw your Hands up", "MINDSET" those song are good party songs can be a smashing HIT !
MINDSET , will be on their NEXT New lp release "Project V". They did something unique with a twist they debuted "Mindset" as the last song that night that was great. That's how you do it! It's a HOT song.

California Flight are accommplish band now and will be for long time with a successfull sound. The "Theme song, California Flight also is a smash song. We heard that song online but they did not peform it .

Overall rating is (G) for Greatness a sound on the rise with great potential for smashing success.

A really good start for Jerry J & California Flight.

We thank you for inviting us meaning we music critics who showed up from the radio station rep-personalities from CCC Music, AMG Music,ACOE Members.Silk Road Lounge

We all had a great time watching and listening witnessing possibly a new beginning to the return of a great new era in funk from the Bay Area the sounds of California Flight. A new genre era called: "JPOPSOUL" that will work anywhere.

It made us all feel like a real guest in California Flight house. .
We enjoyed it.

Much success CFP.
CCC times
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