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Jerry J California Flight Project: Links

More Public Radio
The Jazz World Music Station.
KPOO San Francisco
The Bay Area Community Radio Station
KBLX The Quite Storm
Mo Town jazz and r&b; station
KECG 88.1 FM or 97.7 FM
Press agent " Pretty Special Inc ".
Tear sheets,Add, TV,tours, Movies represent, Salt & Pepper,John Salley,Teddy Pendergrass,Freddie Jackson,Jodeci, and now Pacific Coast Jazz Artist Jerry J & California Flight. Their very professional and outstanding second to none. They bring it to the public media relations with class..
Media & Advertising.Marketing.Booking.Tour Management.
California Flight Summer 1 Festivals Tours
Summer 1 Festivals is a non-profit Live performance Platforum for Jazz, Soul, Comedy Tours Festivals world wide call 1 888 566 6421 pin number 1570 775
Lake Charles number 1 urban station
Al Bell Presents
Number 1 online Soul Station. With legendary soul market engineer. Mr. Al Bell, The master of the soul music innovator-ship,The marketeer, The Manof many talents and faith in the LORD!
Pajama Studios
It's the family partner premier studio.
Black Diamond Records since 1979 right out of High School.
Our Own Label
Twitter California Flight
Follow California Flight Project. on Twitter were there.
A Beautiful Swan Custom Catering.
"Comfort food for the Soul" call 510 847-2412 Fax 510 465 6348. " Healthy and delicious" Ask For Adrienne O. White dietary is very important for good health.
Urban Radio
Urban Radio
Urban Radio
Marketing/Promotions Pittsburgca .Net
Its the company that will truly give you there all. Printing, Press, Cd manufacturing, DVD manufacturing, Marketing., retail promotions, radio, promotions,concerts, mail , email blizz in the millions, drafting, web designs, name it they do their best work right now straight across the board. with National ,regional, international,local, billboarding. Nothing less give you there best work hands down.
Pacific Coast Jazz distributor
JPOPSOUL community Lets us here your support and of the newest ERA of Jazz Pop Soul Classical Era.
This site for J POP SOUL enthusiast. The J POP music history date far back as of the late 70's early 80's. Country's like Japan, British, France,America now even Russia have embrace the nuances of the melodic cultural world pop funk grooves.History have it that California Flight Project, now has re-ignited the charge for J Pop Soul music genre change. J- stands for JAZZ always will be Pop- is for Popular music. Music that follows in the realm of T-40 music Dance. techno,Pop rock etc.. And Soul- well you have to have a soul to feel the vibe and vibe to the feel and hear of the soul influences from Artistes of The 70's,80's,90's and to days J POP SOUL sounds. Japan J POP music community is a focal point WHY? They KEPT it alive and going .So this J POP SOUL community is for your Use create new forums , blogs, reply's ,tell friends. California Flight Project is: The spoken sound for J POP SOUL NEW era . ENJOY! The community of J POP SOUL Membership build friends , make pen pals, so that we the Jazz Pop Soul Funk talkers can talk it up. I Holla! O yeah!! It's here to stay.
Chamber of Commerce Gala @ Mehran Restaraunt July 2009 Live video of California Flight Jerry J and Carl Lockett. Jerry J and Carl Locket of California Flight Video with The Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh Ca 15 minutes. JULY 2009
California Flight
The site The songs The music. California Flight Project.
Project Eat Program
The program that is change how we teach our children, our family's, our communities. On better care of eating properly eating healthy nutritionally. Most of our children have high cases of obesity. If your health is not good then you need to look into area's to improve the quailty of you eating and exersize for a better way to make it good and strong . Project Eat starts at home . But with the schools new policy Project eat and Healthy Kids are spear heading the charge to make sure that schools and community a like can work together to ensure a better future for our children eating habits in school and during life.
The Gumbo Pages .
For up to date information for tours, radio, travel,. The Gumbo pages, covers it the best. For non-commerical radio to the general information for travel. The Gumbo pages covers the love of entertaining people , food, fun, and family .
Urban Garden System
aquaponic gardening. Kijiji grows { kee,gee,gee} is a collaboration of famers,artist,engineers,builders and educators who advocate for aquaaponic gardening.
Universal Music Italy & People Potential Unlimited Vinyl
Its where California Flight Project FIRST ever PLATINUM vinyl release that sent them to realms unknown . UM Italy and People Potential Unlimited Vinyl.
Jerry J California Flight
Video display of Jerry J California Flight
K A D Y TV Online streaming
Mr Bob Allen C.E.O and the K A D Y TV Crew is the online specialist for community and the world. OF Agoura Hils in Los Angeles county.Have brought countless projects to the masses world wide. K A D Y TV.
J J's House of Jazz " A place for class
1181 University ave Berkeley Ca In Berkeley Ca, The NEW J J's House of Jazz. Kick off on Jan 7th & 8th 2012. A place of comfort in a setting of class all in it self. Chili Cha Cha Thai Cuisine in Berkeley Ca. J J's House of Jazz "A place of class".
Oakland Girls T-shirts by an Oakland Gurl
The OAKLAND GURL site has moved to She is the sole entity for the t-shirts of Oakland Girl . She id from Oakland and is the sole entity for her Oakland Girls T-shirts . The song "Oakland Gurl, she change my world" music is written by Jerry J Johnson Just Write California Flight Music BMI. Music Arrangements by Jim Gardiner for Jah-whiz Music ASCAP. The music & singing of this version is perform by Jerry J & California Flight Project. (2009) (c) No affilation to any-other Oakland girls songs. Buy a t-shirt you will be contributing to the well being of a Oakland Girl life and future.
People Potential United VINYL California Flight Project
Our very first Vinyl release that went Gold or Platinum on VINYL in several countries. France, Italy, Japan, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Australia, Spain, Germany, Russia,India,Belarus, Africa Lagos,
Copy Right Library of Congress
e copy right , online sign. Detail of legal compulsory permissible and non permissible works, public, recording, TM, Copy right public .Plenty of great information please join when ready its a life long protection. USA Copyright office that expands world wide.