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Jerry J California Flight Project ®: Contact

CEO/FOUNDER Black Diamond-I H P Media MusicCompanies.

Jerry J. Johnson a.k.a Bobelli Black Diamond Records IHP Media Music Systems-Famous Music-Fontana Records Corp/ of Universal Music Groups .
  • 313 West Winton Ave Hayward Ca 94535

IHP Media Focus Groups-General Managment.

L.Scott & Earl Darone The Pretty Peach Management/IHP Media/Ibookyouplay-Talent Town USA
  • New York of the Pacific aka {Pittsburgh Ca}
  • 10012
  • 510-207-7010

Press,TV et..

Pretty Special Inc-Priscilla Chapman-President and Vice President-Toni Green (PSI) Pretty Special Inc
  • New York and Miami Florida
  • New York,New York
  • Miami Florida
  • 1 212 873 7913
  • 1 941 408 9530

South & South East Marketing Director

Earl Darone Little Pretty Peach We Team - South,Southeast Region officers
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1-770-912-7221

Booking Managment

Roger Paul ,Rogue Talent Agency RogueTalent Group Agency .
  • 1-212-262-0008

Promotion & Production .

IHP Media Entertainment /Divisions IHP World Entertainment

Vice President of The Summer 1 Music Festivals.Jazz By The Sea, Jazz By The Bay, NoSock Rock Pop HipHop talent Showcase,Funnier than Heck Laugh off. The Blues Brew Barbecue Bathing Suit Hard Body Contest. The Dance Fa Dance & The Kids, Summer 1 Festivals.

Laurie Diamond Eggebrecht California Flight/Diamond Xpressions Summer 1 Music Festivals.
  • 1 949 208 0725

Alicia Flusting Co-Director

Surge Event-Music Booking Groups Music Booking
  • Beverly Hills California
  • Glendale California
Music Publishers Strategic Groups @ Universal Music Group Italy. Universal Music Group Italy

West Coast Directors.

West Coast Booking-Lester Scott: Senior Director I Book You Play Talent Town Agency.
  • New York of the Pacific aka (Pittsburg Ca 94565)
  • 510-207-7010


Strategic Publishing Department. Universal Music Italia


Cut Me A Check Music Tracks: Karen Lee Cut Me A Check Music/Flim Tracking System USA
  • PO BOX 222
  • New York of the Pacific aka Pittsburg Ca 94565
  • 518 231 8772

Owner, KyMoKi Entertainment

Angela Montilliano Founder/CEO KyMoki Entertainment groups.

President Latin Music Division

Wanda Cobellos President Wentertainment World Wide

Owner/Tour Director

John Dewhurst Jay Dee Sounds
  • PA
  • 732 300 3318


Pacific Coast Jazz Distribution Pacific Coast Jazz /That Other Label. Inc groups

Famous Music Groups-Fontana Records-CEO/President

Jeffrey Collins /President Famous Music Groups Fontana Records -Universal Music Groups/ \Distribution & Promotions.