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Jerry J California Flight Project ®: Blog

1. Where were your born? Martinez Ca And raised? California.

2. Did you have much involvement with music while growing up? YES!

3. Were you inspired by the other people, artist,family and community, or by your natural surroundings? YES!

4. How did you come to take up music seriously? To tell a story with music and words!

5. What influences (people,education,experiences) have contributed to your success?
God and his creation that surrounds us.

6. What types of music have you performed? J POP SOUL! ( jazz,popular music, soul influences.

7. What instruments have you played? Sax, Trombone, Trumpet, Flute, Drums, Percussion,Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synthesis Tech programming.

8. What formal training have you had in music? 3 and half years of college theory.

9. How "self-taught" are you? Child protege born with it, it's in my gene pool!

10. Do you enjoy experimenting with new methods or different combination's? Please
explain? it all depends on the mood the moment and the emotional I [...]
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California Flight have brought the NEW genre full scale.

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