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Jerry J California Flight Project: Bio

Mr. Jerry J, the original songwriter & producer of California Flight Project music! The soulful talented force of California Flight Project, funk classic masters.

For them it have been a wonderful undertaking well over 25 years of re-grouping their sounds and their visual stage image of Jerry J & California Flight Project.
Who have help lead the way of a new genre J POP SOUL.
The new era starts now!

(J POP SOUL) music have caught "FIRE" in the genre of R&B;/Funk/Jazz/Soul/Pop/Salsa ears all over the world.

Current releases:

California Flight Project 1,2,3.
California Flight Project {IV} 4 HOPE.
California Flight Project {V} 5 Just A Reminder .
California Flight Project {VI} 6 Lift Off.
California Flight Project {VII} 7 Intensified Love.
California Flight Project {VIII) 8 Minds is yours today.
California Flight Project (VII-II} 9. We have the truth.
California Flight Project {X}. 10. In our funk we that, an some.

California Flight Project: Volumes triple releases pack:
The Best of California Flight Project :123:
The Best of California Flight Project :456:
The Best of California Flight Project :789:

The California Flight Project:Volume 10 greatest hits of California Flight Project. Double CD/DVD release

Produced by executive producer:Mr. Jerry J.Johnson a.k.a California Flight.

They inked their first major independent distribution deal with a West Coast distributor. Pacific Coast Jazz of San Diego California.
Through CEO & Founder Donna Nichols, who help make that happen.

With their first EVER entry into the 51st Grammy Awards in 2008-2009 GRAMMY.
Jerry J & California Flight Project IV HOPE .They enter in the category for the BEST R&B; ALBUM. California Flight Project 4 HOPE.
They were listed at number 24#,out of 58# entries.A Great start.

And in 2010-11 53rd Grammy Awards. Jerry J & California Flight Project got another nod for the category of best r&b; song. California Flight.

And in 2011 54th Grammy Awards going into 2011-2012 Grammy categories of Best Song R&B; and the Best vocal in the R&B; Duo/Group.The song; Cutest Smile, you got the cutest smile".
Their 1st recognized! Hit single! "Cutest Smile".

The 51st Grammy exposure have given them allot of hope for years to come.
The 3 time Grammy nods for Jerry J California Flight, making music history without a doubt.

Many D J's, music journalist world wide consider {Jerry J & California Flight } as one of the very best songwriter-singers- live performers in the music industry to date.Their music genre J POP SOUL are rare in deed.

The publishing mechanical distribution through strategic publishing
Universal Music Italy.

Pacific Coast Jazz Distribution, P P U Vinyl, Universal Music Italy, Black Diamond Records/I H P Media Focus Groups Entertainment, I Book You Play Talent Towns.
Cash the check Music Tracking.

The Awards & Recognition history such as:
The 2006 Stammies {winners of the best jazz funk r&b; band}
Event held in Central California {Stockton Ca}.

The 2010 Winter Music Dance Awards W. M. D. A . {winner for the category of the best {new}Jazz/ Pop/Funk music 2010}.

Disc Jockeys {D J's} around the world who currently have help propelled their funk {J Pop Soul } music a "huge" positive light in the genre of {Funk} (R&B;)&(Jazz) music direction.

The R.I.A.A, watching {Mr. Jerry J of California Flight Project} very closely.

With the time factor and their music history that surrounds them. An now behind with their new music transformation and visual stage image.
Music history proves & prevails invaluable with their current huge success of years gone by.
Their the first EVER!

We applaud them forthcoming for endurance and perseverance. A test of longevity and wisdom from above. Matt 19:26, Ps 83:18 With Almighty God Jehovah.
All things are possible. Our main reason with his Son or King and redeemer Christ Jesus. John 3:16,36

All through their outstanding press/public relations & talent booking agencies:

1.I H P Media World Entertainment Groups.
2.Rogue Talent Agency.
3.Pretty Special PSI North South Inc.

Jerry J Johnson aka Bobelli , a classic prolific singer-songwriter-music producer.
Like all those before them, who've paved the way for California Flight Project.

California Flight Project,a "new" style of music called: J POP SOUL,for better moral consciousness in songwriting to help build better moral awareness for better principles with that urgency to raise the scale for better standards for all.

Mr. Jerry J California Flight music & singer-songwriter,is groomed by those he, diligently studied and adapted his vocal talents of his singing abilities into the music style and phrase's of the likes he crafted:

The great queen of chop's: Ms.Ella Fitzgerald,Ms.Sarah Vaughn. Chaka Khan.Mavis Stable, Aretha Franklin.Diana Washington.

The men,such as: The late great's: Mr.Samuel {Sam} Cook,Mr.Nate King Cole,Mr.Frank Sinatra,Mr.Tony Bennett, Mr.Otis Redding,Mr.Donny Hathaway,Mr.Al Jarreau.
Mr.Will Downing,Mr.Luther Van dross,Mr.George Duke,Br.George Benson,Mr.Barry White,
Mr.Teddy Pendergrass,Mr. Frankie Beverly {cousin} just to name a few of those he learned from. {Jerry J}, under study work from legendary R&B; great singers & song writers: His, personal mentors: Mr. Harvey Fuqua, Mr. Marvin Gaye, Mr. Curtis May-field.
His. Cousin: Ms.Alice Wilton.
His. Cousin: Mr.Ron Lawson.

Lyrically clean melodic story lines of solid MASTER {hooks}. Now that is the truth!
Were not saying,just all that, but? This 2010-2011 Certified Gold Compilation Album songwriter for "California Flight" on Universal Music Strategic Publishing , the 3 times Grammy singer-songwriter who performs as California Flight Project. They're for real folks.

Truly GOD GIFTED character, very clean consummate professionals.

Of The highest choices.
You'll see it,feel it {All UNITY}

Leading the way is non-other than, that man,the music,his heart & soul,the main pilot & captain of California Flight Project:
Mr.Jerry J Johnson.

California Flight Project Band members.

Drums,(b g,vocals).

Guitarist,(b g,vocals)
Carl Locket or
Special guest:
Calvin Peters.

Dewey Tucker or
Joesph Brown.

Special guest:
Adrian bates.

Horns: Sax/Flute Players
Tony Bolivar sax's tenor,alto,soprano,flute and vocals:
Special Guest:
Terrance Tony

Keyboards & Synthesis Player: *(bg,vocals)
Special Guest:
Robert Collier.
David Jackson.

Special Guest;
Rene Escovedo.

Special Guest Singer's:
Shelia Clark Hardin, Sandra Carpenter Salters.

N a r d X
vocals/master MC.

The Music industry NEW... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ SOUND.
A New music genre of...J POP SOUL.

Listen to:
California Flight Project I. (1)
The (HIT single's)" Nothing fa something, deserving enough love"

California Flight Project II. (2)
The (Hit singles). {Project II}
Hit classic Grammy nod, (hit) single "California Flight".

California Flight Project III: (3)
The (Hit singles),
Hit Grammy nod (hit single) single "Hook with you".
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "Waste no time".

The LP selections are as listed:

California Flight Project IV: (4) LP title track (HOPE)
"Hit singles" "{That's My Song That's My Jam}",
The Grammy nod (hit) LP and single "{HOPE}".
Hit single "To know me is to love me."
Hit single "Your the guest in my house".
Hit single "Don't bother me".
Hit single "Throw your hands up get your hands up".

California Flight Project V: (5) "LP title track "Just A Reminder".

"Hot hit LP singles"
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "Oakland Girl".
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "Cutest Smile" she got the cutest smile".
Hit single "Put your makeup on".
Hit single "Hold On 2 Big Daddy".
Hit single "So Pleasant".
Hit single "Peace out Peace now".
Hit single "I'm on a Mission 2 win her love back.
Hit single "Summer is Here".
Hit single "Take Charge" I'm taken over".
Hit single "Just a reminder".
Hit single "Interesting".

California Flight Project VI: (6) LP title track : Appreciate The Flight nonstop:
Hit single "Trust No Lips ".
Hit single "I Appreciate".
Hit single "Got 2 B upon things {on Point}".
Hit single "That's what it is".
Hit single " Jazzy Swagger Riff Fix" featuring jazz great: Carl Locket.

California Fight Project VII (7): LP title track "Lift you up ".
Hit single "So Tight, lift you up" .
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "Stuck on you" the truth".
Hit single "Were pumping,thumping,bumping,by the bay".
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "Intensified Love".
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "Can't stop the funk can't stop the fire".
Hit single "Motivated".
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "Crystal clear on the gulf".

California Flight Project VIII: (8) LP title track "Done got that bad".
Hit single "Time Factor Major Factor".
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "Done got that bad".
Hit single "Absorb in your love".
Hit single "Check baby 123 Here we go".
Hit single "Have mercy on me".
Hit single "Better 4 U".
Hit single "Slow down and Go Slow".
Hit single "The DO".
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "My sister, my brother".
Hit single "Hold you to your word".
Hit Grammy (hit) single "Mo-better love".
Hit Grammy (hit) single "Body needs to sweat".

California Flight Project VI III: (9). LP title track: "Summer Fun".
Hit single "Don't Runaway" {LP title track}.
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "Not my problem".
Hit single "Can you find your self".
Hit Grammy nod (hit) single "Summer Fun".

California Flight Project X (10) LP title track: "Its a Funky Ride".
Hit Grammy nod single & LP title track.

All On Pacific Coast Jazz Distributions/People Potential Unlimited Vinyl/Universal Music Strategic Publishing Compilation Italy/Black Diamond Records I H P Media Focus We Entertain Groups.

On-line at I-Tunes, Billboard, Cd Baby, Yahoo, M S N, AOL, Bing, Google, M O G,
You Tube e t..

Jerry J & California Flight Project.
A "new" genre in Jazz Popular Soul Music for today. "J Pop Soul".
The sounds of tomorrow today. ENJOY!