_ - CEO

Mr. Jerry J. Johnson,a.k.a Beaubelli , the original songwriter & singer-music producer of California Flight Project's.

The smooth funky soulful "New Funk Hook Master" The (1) talented force of California Flight funk classic masters..

For them it have been an wonderful undertaking well over 31 years of re-grouping their sounds their visual stage image of California Flight Project.

Who lead the way of their new funk genre called: J Pop Soul a.l.a. Pop- Funk.  The new era starts now!

Mr. Jerry J.Johnson a.k.a California Flight. He (Jerri J) inked their first independent distribution deal with West Coast distributor. Pacific Coast Jazz of San Diego California now Universal Music Groups subsidiary .Through CEO & Founder Donna Nichols, who made that happen. Also their first EVER Grammy entry 2008 for the 51st Grammy.

They've continue receiving  Grammy  nominated awards since 2007,08,09,010,011,012.013,015,017. And counting The first one started withthe  LP Jerry J & California Flight Project IV HOPE L P 07 in the category for the BEST R&B ALBUM.

An Awesome start ~!!~

 The 54th Grammy nominated awards, in the categories of best song in the r&b category and for the best vocal for the R&B Duo/Groups.The song; "Cutest Smile", she got the cutest smile". Their 2nd world wide recognized! Hit single song.

The 55th Grammy nomination for the single song "Oakland Girls" off the Project 5 E P California Flight .

The 58th Grammy nomination:The  Project 5 E P California Flight Black Diamond - Famous Music U M G

Now 9 times Grammy nominations and counting for the "Newgenre J-Pop-Soul-Funk-Fusion New Funk Hook Master" that singer-songwriter-the legendary music producer-B M I music publisher-record companies music distributor via way of Famous Music -Fontana Records Corp-InGroove Music Groups- Universal Music Groups U M G Distribution Promotions : Mr. Jerry J. Johnson of California Flight Project's, making music history without a doubt.

The standard of music excellence that true masters can make into fruition.

Many Radio D J's, Club D J's,  music journalist world wide consider , { California Flight Project} one of the best Funk-R&B-Soul-Pop music sounds to date .Rare in deed ~!!~

Their First ever publishing, mechanical, licensing, music distributions,promotions, through strategic publishing from Universal Music Italy San Marino office.

Distribution through Pacific Coast Jazz Distribution, P P U Vinyl, Universal Music Italy, Black Diamond Record-I H P Media Music Solutions Hot Topics, Preservation Records Oslo Norway. 

Companies/I H P Media Music Systems Groups - Famous Music - Fontana Records Corp/Universal Music Groups.

Distribution & Promotions U M G.Through Jeffrey Collins CEO President of Famous Music/ Universal Digital Music distribution.



The 2006 Stammies {winners of The Best jazz funk r&b band} Event held in Central California {Stockton Ca}.

The 2010 Winter Music Dance Awards W. M. D. A . {winner for the category of the best {new}Jazz/ Pop/Funk music }. Disc Jockeys {D J's} around the world  have help propelled their funk music of {J Pop Soul }.


The Akademia Music -Monthly Music Awards 18 winners by California Flight in Hollywood Ca for the best song in the category of Pop/Soul

Song selected as winner for the month of November 2015-"SEX CONTROL" the song caught fire ~!!~ On  radio Pop Stations In New York,  Chicago Ill. L A, FLORIDA and gaining a new found audience in the  Pop Soul Funk, station on Clear Channel through  I Heart Radio Media , where California Flight Projects given a humble beginning  for radio play  through radio Clear Channel -I Heart Radio Media via satellite stations world-wide & BBC..

The R.I.A.A, watching  Jerry J of California Flight Project, very closely.

Their music history now has been stamp elevated and proven they have prevails invaluably  with their time,resourceful, their energy, and their music profound success of years gone by. Their the first"ones"EVER.. We  applaud for a job well done through the Christ from God Almighty Jehovah they did their way its legendary ... Proverb 3:5,6- James 4:8

Their endurance and their perseverance loyalty & faith tested of longevity and by wisdom from above.James 1:17, Matthew 19:26, Psalm: 83:18 By Almighty God Jehovah. All things are possible. All Through the Blood of the Christ given us true salvation from  the Almighty God Jehovah Universal authority  , for his son our King & redeemer Christ Jesus Amen ~!!~ . John 3:16,36

The social media groups ,press/public relations agencies & talent booking agencies world wide:

1.I H P Media Music Systems Groups.

2.Pretty Special PSI North South Inc.

 California Flight have made a push for Strong advocates for  better morals standards in consciousness in all Jerrij, songwriting, music lyrically melodically , principality for better principles for better health as their  benchmark.

Mr. Jerry J.Johnson of California Flight, the singer-songwriter, is groomed by those he, diligently under-studied and adapted his vocal talents and his singing-songwriting abilities skill-set  into the music main streams we hear today. 

Jerry J, under study work with  legendary R&B great singers & song writers: His, personal mentors: Mr. Harvey Fuqua, Mr. Marvin Gaye, Mr. Curtis May-field. His. Cousin: Mrs.Alice Wilton. His. Cousin: Mr. Ron Lawson.


Its true ~!!~ His first ever 2010-2011Certified Gold Compilation Album with Billy Paul,Aretha Franklin,Tata Vega, Pattie La Belle, Willie Hutch, and many others great 80's music groove sounds singers-songwriters  . Jerry J is truly a world renown world classic funk era of the 80's r&b-funk songwriters for "California Flight"now on Universal Music Strategic Publishing . The First for this  song-writing a true "single HIT song" well accomplished works that was selected on the compilations the song  "California Flight" . A hit in any era....

This 9 time Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and counting has performs as California Flight as a solo artist , duo,trio,and Quartet. Truly a GOD GIFTED musical funk soul pop  sounds. That man,their music, the heart & soul,that pilot & The  captain of California Flight : Jerry J Johnson aka Beaubelli..

Jerry J.Johnson. a.k.a " Beaubelli ":The "New Funk Hook Master" . Doing funky jazzy soulful stuff for the good and for better with all ages ~!!~

California Flight:

Band members consist of players that Jerry J, have personally & prayerfully, hand selected, a clean take off.

Members as follows:

Drums: "Dre.Johnson". Joey Truso . 

Bassist's:  "Dewey Tucker". special guest players : Mark Hayes, Adrian Bates,Joe Brown .

Guitars:"Khalil Doak Anthony". Larry Valle, Tom Horner, Don Wilson ,Carl Lockett.

Horn Players : "Terrance Tony": formerly of the Art Blakey "New Jazz Messengers".Tony Bolivar, Issac Venegas, Sonny Fairly, Mike Luzzi.Darnell Robinson .

Keyboards & Synthesis Player (vocals) Special Guest: Robert Collier. David Jackson. Adam Ivy.Mike "spider-man" Robinson.

Percussionist: Special Guest: Escovedo's.

Special Guest singer's: Shelia Clark Hardin, Sandra Carpenter Salter. Glynis Neal.

Special guests: DJ  N a r d X . Dj East Bay aka Brian Pete the Greek Glasper... 


Music distributed by Pacific Coast Jazz Distributions/People Potential Unlimited Vinyl/Preservation Records Oslo,Norway/Universal Music Strategic Publishing Compilation Italy/Black Diamond Records I H P Media Music Systems Groups.Famous Music -Fontana Record Corp-InGroove Revovly Music Groups/Universal Music Groups Distribution & Promotions U M G The sounds of tomorrow today. "The New J-Pop-Soul-New Funk Hook Masters" California Flight . Enjoy!