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Black Diamond Record Companies -I H P Media Music Systems Focus Groups.

CD Baby-Disc Makers.

Pacific Coast Jazz, That Other Label. Universal Music.

P P U Vinyl Records.

Perservation Records

Universal Music Groups Italy Strategic Publishers Compilations.

Famous Music-Fontana Record Corp-In-Groove Music/Universal Music Groups Distributions & Promotions     U M G.

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Our Tours:

A). The Gumbo Mix of Jazz Pop Soul Comedy World-Wide Tour TM 2003. ℗ & © 

B). The J J's House of Jazz Soul Salsa Funk Comedy Tour. TM 2011.

C). The Up Close Y Personal Tour TM 2014. ℗ & ©

D). We Rock Da Funk Jazz Pop Soul Comedy Tour. 2013

E). The All White Night With California Flight "Show Your Write" Showcase Tour TM 2012 .

Sponsors by: Black Diamond Records I H P Media Groups,Snapple's,Hyundai,BMW,Bentley,Hershey's,Coke Cola TM 2011. ℗ & ©

F). The Peanut Butter Peanut Butter We Come to Jam's Tour TM 2010. ℗ & ©: Sponsored by Hershey.

G). The Summer 1 Music & Arts Festival Tour.TM 2010. ℗ :  Sponsored by Mas Wineries/Diamond Ecstasy Media.

H). The Show the Grade get Paid Tours TM 2004

I). The One Voice for The Arts & Autism Care Scholarship Drive Foundation Tours. (O V A C- A A S F) TM 2014 .

J). The Red Carpet Celebrations for the  National Fund Tour drive for Autism Cares O. V. A. C. "one  voice for autism cares :

K). The Red Carpet  "Show your Right"  In all white with California Flight  J Pop Soul Music in the night  coming to a city nearest you: TM 2015

The  A. A. S. F. Foundation Autism Artistic Scholarship Foundations under the scope of  O. V. A. C.

     ("One Voice for Autism Cares". ) A World Wide cause. TM 2014

     "One Voice for Autism Cares unites & unitedly we build as one voice". TM 2015

Sponsors:  Hersey,Coca Cola ....Union Banks, A C O E County Offices, Durban South Africa, Africa Countries, Toronto CA.Oslo Norway, Helsinky Finland, Dubai, San Marino Itlay.Ukraine,Inida,China,Japan,France,UK,Russia, 



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