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Jerry J California Flight Project ®: Buy

Fragrance of Jerrij -Bobelli (men cologne) & Jerrij Wear"

Smooth and mellow long lasting cologne by Fragrances of Jerrij BoBelli. Men Colognes"
Lavender and Mellon/Aloe-Vera Soft
Men Talcum powder. Deodorants,
Men Shower softener/After Shave creams specifically for black men.Moisturizers for all Men .
Fragrance of Fragrances of Jerrij Bobelli . Bobelli clothing Line for all seasons fall,spring ,summer,winter wear coming soon. BUY Now! Jerrij BoBelli new apparel, shoes,hats, clothing lines Raffaelo & product networks. BUY Now!!
Shop at
Clothing for California Flight/ Products
General information center
Raffaelo network for men women. clothing dessigners
and colognes and accessories for men and women
Seporah and Jbently (men & women)
NOW you can look and select the variety of cologne's and perfumes
We have join with SEPORAH to distribute our fragrances.
I Like That

J-Belli "J.Be Pretty " (women perfumes)

Smell like red any men knows that fragrance knocks them? Hello'
Instance catcher J-Belli ."J.Be Pretty " for (women perfumes deordrants,talcum powder's, Shower spray's softener's,lip-stick sweetner,
J-Belli ( A sweet smelling odor ) A very Clean and refreshing smell.
BUY Now !!! : The women Clothing line's:
Langerie,panties,bra's sporting shoes, sport wear, sleeping wear, footsy's.hat's.sunglass's.Earings,jewlery.Formal wear and children wear.BUY NOW:Raffaello-Network amd Geox Products
All here NOW!
California Flight companies who design and distribute JBENTLY & JBELL Inetwork items world wide.
California Flight/ Products
General inforamation center.For all California Flight Products and merchandise's.
Information Page for GEOX
Shoes and Apparrel for JBENTLY And JBELLI shoes and clothing line of GEOX
information for children wear
Children wear line through
Raffello and Geox
Shoes and Clothing line.
JBently and Jbelli.
Jbelli (women) & Sephora
JBelli were our honor to have settle a new long term promotional and the use of Sephora as our online Network item distributor for all of Jbelli fragrances along with raffaello. Please review all of the items search out what you like but most of all thank you for chosing Jbently and Jbelli of California Flight.

Ralph Tabelberry Wine's and Presevers

Merlot's. reds ,whites by Mas wine company.
Mas Wine Company
read about he Napa valley Mas wine Company. The Ralph Tabelberry Wine will be distribute through Mas Wine Companies Distritbutors.

California Flight/

Buy it hear Classic Jazz JPopSoul
California Flight Cdbaby
California Flight Classic Jazz JPopSoul
California Flight Cdbaby
California Flight Classic Soul JPop Funk


LIVE CONCERTS OF CALIFORNIA FLIGHT on FILM BABY And THROUGH PACIFIC COAST JAZZ. ℗ & © Produce By IHP MEDIA Film GROUP'S."NEW" MOVIE PRODUCTION START'S IN 09. With a NEW DVD Movie's and Title's. "New" CD Singles & LP RELEASE's of live TOUR performance's of California Flight "LIVE" Shows world wide.
Stay tune!!

Jbelli & Jbently - Men, Women, Children Shoes Endores

Here they are Geox Shoes
Jbelli and Jbently endores's Geox shoes.
Geox by Jbently and JBelli
The shoe wearing company Geox, for every feet for every thing.For fun, flair & style. Always comfort FIRST. By or Buy Geox shoes that make J-Bently and J-belli feet wear to enjoy & feel great and comfortable in GEOX shoes & clothing apparrel line.
BUY NOW!!!! All over the World GEOX apparrel.

California Flight Project IV HOPE SPECIAL EDITION

CDBABY SPECIAL EDITION release 18 tracks. On Cdbaby.only!!
Read and review!

California Flight: Introduce Northern California Cellars Wines - California Cellars Wines.

California Cellars Wines
It's in the art of Tasting with A new Glass of Wines from California Cellars.
It's the taste of the grapes but the flavor win's you over. California Cellars a glass of wine is a terrible thing to waste.

Certified Gold Album on Universal Music Italy Compilation Vol 5 Radio 80 Groove Classic 2010 - Vol 5 Radio 80 Groove Classic

its official . California Flight the song is apart of a certification GOLD ALBUM on Universal Music Italy Vol 5 Radio 80 Groove Classic 2010 headed for platinum or diamond. A true diamond in the ruff on Universal Music Italy Strategic Publishing. 2011.
Compilation Universal Music Italia VOL 5 Radio 80 Groove Classic 2010
Certified GOLD ALBUM number 1 compilation vol 5 radio 80 groove classic.
Compilation Universal Music Italia VOL 5 Radio 80 Groove Classic 2010

PPU People Potential Unlimted Vinyl GOLD single California Flight 7inch - PPU VINYL

Its there first and California Flight Project first Gold single VINYL 7inch.

It's been said that IF they meaning (California Flight Project) would haved known this project would still have gone either GOLD or PLATINUM either way better late than ever for this Classic vessel music project. With their classic vintage FUNK sounds. P P U People Potential is proud of all their classic vinyl acts release especially that of California Flight Project. An they are just getting started!U mm! Their first ever GOLD single VINYL that gone GOLD and number {#1} in 2011.
People Potential United VINYL California Flight Project
Another Gold item underneath their cargo of HITS songs California Flight 2011.

Our Italian Shoes from some of the best men shoes designers. Bergamo, Ferrgamo, et.. - Make sure your shoes look good!

Quality shoes make for smiling and styling.
Italian Men Shoes/Bobelli Line of Shoes.

Bo Belli Shoes - Bob Ellis Shoes

A man's feet showed be a reflection of his posture and his dignity of class,style,strength,beauty and honor.
Bob Ellis or Bobelli's shoes
Bob Ellis

Single's for sell " Cutest Smile,Summer is Here", you got the cutest smile. - CUTEST SMILE

From the LP California Flight Project 5 " Just A Reminder"
single's : "Cutest Smile", "Summer is Here","Peace Out, is Jerry J's, his mom's child nickname.
CD BABY online music ,film and soon art distributor. The number one music independent online distributors.

Black Diamond Records-I H P Media Groups Music-Famous Music Groups-Fontana-Universal Music Groups Distribution & Promtions. - FMG/UMG

Black Diamond Records-I H P Media Groups Music Distribution /  Famous Record-Fontana Groups/Universal Music Distribution U M G. Will oversee all distributions of California Flight Projects music from Black Diamond Records I H P Media Groups.


President and C E O . Mr. Jerry J. Johnson & Black Diamond Records I H P Media Groups have signed the  agreement with Famous Records / Fontana Music Groups, president Jefferey Collins.Of Universal Music Groups.

Famous Records Groups President: Mr. Jefferey {J J} Collins also have agreed to distribute, promote and channel Jerry J & California Flight Projects, music catalogs off Black Diamond Records-I H P Media groups through UMG .


Officially, all  the music now of California Flight Project is the first ever to make such a historical connection for all items to be distributed, promotes including all. Vinyl, DVD, CD, Merchandise,et.

Famous Records/Fontana- Universal Music Groups Distribution and Promotions, have such a great track record and a good feel of whom,where & when,  they will,brand,social media,promote,market,sell, their music items.


Now with the music of Jerry J & California Flight Projects they feel they will contribute greatly with their genre of J Pop Soul .  A "new" genre era. and a "new" Funk Hook Master" singer-songwriter 5 times Grammy recording artiste ; Jerry J Johnson of California Flight Project, have the sounds of today tomorrow. Now with officially distribute by   Famous Record/Fontana/ Universal Music Groups Distribution & Promotions   

Famous Music Groups
Famous Music Groups
Famous Music Groups
Famous Music Groups