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Jerry J California Flight Project ®: Blog

The journey of California Flight Project from the perspective of Jerrij Bobelli Johnson music challenges

Posted on July 17, 2019

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HTTP//:www.californiaflight1.comJerrij Bobelli
California FlightProject
Jerryj Bobelli:

aka Jerry L Johnson aka Bobelli the original founder and co pilot of Fame Funk band California Flight Project--

 Music Journey. Started his personal music company called Just Write California Flight Music B.M.I. also Tashara Music (name after his daughter) A S C A P. Born in Martinez California
Jerrij Bobelli, birth Name is:: Jeri Lester Johnson , but widely known as BOBELLI and it's been that way even today... He help create the funk hype vibe for California Flight Project of Funk Jazz R&B Pop Soul music were they have  made a huge  impact on the music scene with their own genre now being considered by the music industry record academy in the genre of urban music category as such: J-pop-soul or { define as such: "(Jazz Popular music Soul influences} new  innovators.
The said "Jazz Popular music Soul influences added clips with Acid Jazz & his,Pop-Funk-Smooth Hip Hop Fusion into , party style Jerrij Bobelli Johnson songwriter-singer for California Flight Project.

Jerrij, an outstanding singer&songwriter-music producer,  by his early stages of the music industry business practice for profit in the 70's, 80's ,90s. Todate. An partly do to the New technology wave, spurned on for the music business started off unstable . With their new changes to compensate record companies music sells online, licensing and publishing of the new music on a distribution format online it was tumultuous  So, he (Jerrij) waited!
So he waited ! Over 37 years with some legal matters pertaining to music publishing to be resolved. And the lack of interest in the music business with family obligations that took first priority,

As if he had just drop off the planet!.. So, (Jerrij,) held on to those original classic funk priceless masters items of California Flight Project early beingings.. From  1978-81, to today .Hoping that God willing, he would be able to release the funk masters gems of California Flight Projects funk masters tracks into the music mainstreams. He, did!

So,by using local radio stations KPOO 89:5, Cal Berkeley University , San Francisco State, UC Santa Cruz, Stanford University   he started out using his colleges broadcast communication skills from where, he got in with  Bay Area non-profit radio stations called More Public Radio KCEG. 89.1FM an as a radio Disc Jockey in Oakland Ca in 2002 -208 under the umbrella of K E C G 88.1 FM Jazz Beat Radio Dot TV, he launched California Flight Project music to be heard around the world the rest is history..

That being said. He,(Jerrij) made some great decisions like a well respected A&R rep stated to him "Jerrij man,you can help change the music urban industry". they help the music scene,  The music industry look at those who have that (it) sound very quickly with allot done now online. Jerrij was being compared to the next New Funk Hook master previously stated by legendary Funk Master himself: George Clinton.
The New Funk Master was born to be heard and with his Hip R&B Funk Soul " music items" J-Pop-Soul is alive and well..
Well,the rest is history, the original musicians who shared in the sounds of pleasure of California Flight Project. Musicians & singers as hired as studio sessions players::

Bass player, Joe Brown, Guitarists Larry Valle,Thomas Horner aka Tom Horner, Mark Winston, Sheila Clark,Sandra Carpenter Slater, Joey Truso, Mike Robinson,Latross Harris, John Handy, Charles Lavious, Alice Wilton, Havert Wilton, Mike Thomas, Sheila Truso, Maurice Ortiz who was the first Manager 1979  to 1982.
They were recorded at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley Ca with music master George Horn and were He first met George Duke and Stanley Clark recording their project at Fantasy Studios. In 1982. They rehearse and recorded at Star-Markers Studios under the careful watch of Harvey Fuqua who had Honey Records at Fantasy Records. While on Star- Makers Studio on Telegraph Ave in Oakland Ca, they rehearse with other interest acts , like the Whispers, Frankie Beverley and Maze, Bill Summers & Summers Heat, so many more during their early stages as a songwriter and singer.
One of his good friend & mentors , before he, Mr. Harvey Fuqua had died , made Jerry J ,a great suggestion that he should sing in a public Live music "Mecca" venued" or well known city & state that have great entertainment sites where he could be seen & heard  publicly , possibly be approach b A&R label rep;s......
Well, The rest is history. Jerrij ,first ever live solo shows, started in LAS VEGAS Nevada on July 7,8,9 2009. At The Famous Johns Bar & Grill and Sheraton Inn and Beligeos he stay in  and perform at The Sheraton Inn. That was very special indeed./

That started in 2007 until now and the rest is history. Than higher stages he got a strategic publishing deal with a Major Giant Universal Music Italy Strategic Publishing Department in 2007, but in 2008-09- Jerrij, got a his First ever of many Grammy Nods,  in 2010 ,amother Grammy Nod, also in 2011,a Grammy Nod, again in 2012, a Grammy Nod, than another in 2013, and counting.
currently 5 Grammy nods in as many years, "Jerrij & California Flight Project", have given the music world a great glimpse of the sounds of tomorrow today of California Flight Project. Funky,fun,Smooth fabulous, soulful music sounds of tomorrow today...

 As he "Jerrij,) have stated ("never call anyone old or judge another persons talent,ability or their gifts. Gifts are ageless") .
Now to date {Jerry J & California Flight Project} have Been on "I Heart Radio" for well over 3 and half years consistently with their top New release 4 songs under the unsigned Hip Hop & R&B radio format; the 4 songs:
1.Cutest Smile
2.Summer is Here
3.Oakland Girls
4.Cutest Smile re-mix by Dj Nard X, whom alone got a nod for the same song in 2012.
California Flight Project, continue there music journey.

"Like fine wines now ready for distribution,they let the people decide"! And decided they have, with a unanimously great clean lift off to realms unknown.
Jerri J & California Flight Project, have now help re-write a personal music journey for their contribution in the Urban,Soul, & Funk literacy Music business Industry Achieves legacy.. They, done it they're way.. Like, Mr. Frank Sinatra stated: "Get it Done" son!
As they tour and still record their new music . Their on a wise course and directions of his Godly director and his best friends and mentors: Jehovah God through his son our lord & savior Christ Jesus . A devote Jehovah Witness.....
Jerrij, the funk soul music journey and the media are gathering New funk facts about California Flight
 Project, daily, a rare historical funk act.
With. The Funk "NEW"Funk Hook Master" a new title coin by: The legendary Funk Hook master himself "Mr. George Clinton" on Jerrij, funk music .
They both have in common FUNK lives breath stronger than ever befeore.

.And being so young when he first started out at 18 yrs old Jerrij ,had the privilege to meet the Funk Hook Master at Film Way Heider Studios now called Hyde Street studio in San Francisco 1979-80, at the tender age of 19,while he re-capping their music journey base on the music arrival of (California Flight Project) .

Their music, is now considered today as music RARE funk history. A journey that is telling real life music story.
So, the whole world , from the 70's 80's 90's and to date. They're considered a rare funk music master classics Legendary Funk R&Bsound .
"{Not many can say that because of their time lapse}" about that of "Jerry J & California Flight Project"... Rare indeed ... !!...
With their 10 Grammy nods in tact, An  the song's like
"California Flight",
Own Our On ,
Hooking All night,
Got to be Loved,
Looking back on Yesterday,
God Gifted, Do you Feel my love,
Dance on It,
Deserving enough love,
Slow Dance in the Dark,
Waste no Time,
Stand up for love,
Your on my Conscious,
Love you single mothers,
Cutest Smile,
Stay Focus,
You sold me,
That's my song That's my Jam,
Throw Your Hands up,
To Know me is to Love me,
Your the guest in my house,
Summer is Here,
Oakland Girl,
Body Needs to Sweat,
We like to party down we don't mess around .

Their Label Black Diamond Record Companies- IHP Mada Solutions our genuine funk classic master's LP's .
They're music career is a true gift for the music Industry for years to come , the re-issue's and re-alignment of the music industry is constantly changing to be better with morals and good lyrical respect for respect of our morality. Jerrij stated. " They clearly " Lost it for awhile", true  tresures last forever only in Gods Almighty mighty hands

The funk is "Back" .they brought it back . Only by the rqace of God almighty none debase makes the differ....

They'er music of the sounds of tomorrow today.!
An now let the "new" funk hook masters vault now open !..On tour listen to the sounds of  tomorrow today ! coin by Prentiss Woods of K C E G 88.1 FM.
California Flight Project.ft Jerrij,..................Joe Brown, George Navarro, Larry Valle, Hyler Jones,Thomas Horner, Mark Winston, Joey Truso, Shelia Truso, Shelia Clark Hardin, Sandra Carpenter Slater, Micheal Robinson aka spider man,Shelia Truso, Alice Jane Wilton, Hayvert Wilton, Maurice Oritz,Charles Lavious, Greg Lavious, Mick Mans-tick, John Handy Jr , Don Wilson, Norris Pugh, Carl Lockett, Bernard Gaston Jr aka Dj Nard X, Tony Bolivar, Robert Collier, Terrance Tony of formerly of Art Blakey Jazz New Messengers,Jeff Texzon, Calvin Peters, Dr.Woods,Mark Daniels, Keith Mitchell,Adam Ivey, Dre Johnson, Dewy Tucker,Kevin Lockett, Kewli Sessions,Rene Escovedo,Vernon Huston, John John Hart, Will Kennedy, Marc Russo, Frank Martin, Dave Matthew, Dave Denny,Darryl J. Johnson, Allen Mitten. Dan Robinstein,Terrance Jay'e Richardson, Sonny Fairley,Fred Johnson,Darryl D- Bass Hayes, Altore Lavine, Dwayne Taylor, Larry White, William Lee, Robert Viera, Mark Hayes. Jim Gardiner of Pajama Studios in Oakland Ca. Priscilla Gardiner Chapman Rice of Live Oak Studio in Berkeley Ca. Universal Music Italian Strategic Publishing. People Potential United PPU records. Black Diamond Records I H P Media Music World Wide Groups. Glenda Glass. Mentors Harvey Fuqua, Curtis Mayfield,Marvin Gay'e, Donny Hathaway, Frankie Beverly, Aretha Franklin, Larry Graham, Roger Prince Nelson, Rosie Gaines. Barry Gordy and his son Cory Gordy. It's true just be patience. It's about your living principals of life govern by Godly righteous standards. "Peace" ..They will take you for a ride.. And their is more of Jerrij Bobelli & California Flight Project journey go to his web sites: or and

Thank You
California Flight Project   TM ®          
5 radio 80 groove classic 2010
Certified Gold Compilation Album
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