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California Flight Interview Questions

Posted on July 19, 2010 with 1 comment

1. Where were your born? Martinez Ca And raised? California. 2. Did you have much involvement with music while growing up? YES! 3. Were you inspired by the other people, artist,family and community, or by your natural surroundings? YES! 4. How did you come to take up music seriously? To tell a story with music and words! 5. What influences (people,education,experiences) have contributed to your success? God and his creation that surrounds us. 6. What types of music have you performed? J POP SOUL! ( jazz,popular music, soul influences. 7. What instruments have you played? Sax, Trombone, Trumpet, Flute, Drums, Percussion,Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synthesis Tech programming. 8. What formal training have you had in music? 3 and half years of college theory. 9. How "self-taught" are you? Child protege born with it, it's in my gene pool! 10. Do you enjoy experimenting with new methods or different combination's? Please explain? it all depends on the mood the moment and the emotional I hear to create a musical life story I want to tell. 11.Is there anyone who has been a mentor to you? Why Yes! 12.Who are some other musicians you relate to and how have they impact or inspired , influence and encourage you? Marvin Gaye,Curtis May field, Donny Hathaway,Harvey Fuqua,they all told great melodic stories of life experiences in words and music I identified with them as a young man, and I met them all. 13.Describe your style? J POP SOUL! 14.How do you approach writing a song? Performing a song? Its a timely gift unexplainable for me. It really is a gift from God almighty Jehovah. 15.How has your style evolved? By my Life experiences. 16.If I was a fly on the wall observing you as you develop your music, what would I see and hear? What are you doing? Drinking: wine, beer,or coffee? Do you listen to other music for inspiration? Do you observe artwork or nature for inspiration? YES! 17. What do you enjoy about your music? They all have a great melodic hooks or strong melodic feel lines and my stories line are easy ,simple and clever. 18. How do you feel when you are developing or performing your music? Free! 19. Does your music try to communicate a philosophy or point of view? Yes! 20. Do you intend to evoke specific feeling or thoughts in your audience or do you want them to search for their own feeling? 21.How does your music affect your personal life,like relations with friends and family? It's a real good feeling and a blessing, that unifies me with others, we build a bond together that we can share a common goal in life, with that joy of words & songs. 22. How does your personal life affect your music? Everything!By me sharing my heart and soul of music & songs. I praise my God and raise through adversity as a stronger, better person to tell a story, I can share with all who enjoy what we do. That I am a person of melody,song and dance for people I entertain them with my gift of music & singing from God. 23. Have you won any awards or been nominated for any awards? Yes! Since I can remember, whether it was local talent shows, special events. I have been bless to enjoy the privilege to win. With singing or dancing when I was much younger> We have received a nod for the 2008 , 2009 Grammy for one of the Best R&B Albums. We won the Stammies event held in Stockton 2006 for the Best Urban Music Duo or group awards. We won for the Best New Artist for the 2010 Winter Music Dance Awards W M D A Held at the Celebrity Theater in Hollywood Ca. We receive a award in France for one of the best Songs : California Flight for the 2004. So awards they are wonderful to be acknowledge for your hard work but it is all about the people who voted us in. We never expect these awards. We just base work on D T W ( doing the work or will) of God. It is a real honor they are very thoughtful and nice to received . Award is a statement of excellence. 24. Do you like talking about yourself or is this interview sheer torture? Loll. Both,loll, Thank you!


November 25, 2015

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